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Specialized Bikes Co.

Founded more than four decades ago, Specialized is rooted in bicycle history while forever innovating, tuning, and improving their product line. Every item that bears the Specialized logo is designed to maximize your experience whether you're riding to the local espresso bar, navigating back-country routes, or lining up at the World Championships. Specialized is committed to your bike, your passion, and your lifestyle, so get outside and follow your bliss. They'll be right there with you.

Specialized Bikes Founded 1974 - Morgan Hill, CA

We are riders—that fact has guided our every decision since 1974. When quality tires weren't around, we strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruisers in the dirt, we made the first production mountain bike. When roadies wanted to go faster, we doubled-down on carbon and built our own wind tunnel. And when we saw kids struggling to focus in school, we started the Specialized Foundation to help them through cycling.

"Specialized. Made for riders, by riders."

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The Stumpjumper

"Since there've been mountain bikes, there've been STUMPJUMPERS".. See why The Stumpjumper's have been around since the 70's, why they're our best sellers year after year and why they are still "The Ultimate Trail Bike". 

The standard Stumpjumper delivers on the promise of being the ultimate trail bike. The Stumpjumper ST pairs its new design with short chainstays to give riders a more nimble ride. The Stumpjumper EVO is designed for more aggressive downhill riders. All of these models are available in women-specific designs with geometry and shock adjustments to give female riders a bike that rocks as hard as they do.

A New Frame Yields a New Approach

With over two decades of experience with FSR, we refined our proven design. We love it, because FSR allows us to tune every part of the suspension with the least amount of compromises. Bike suspension is a marriage between the frame kinematics and the shock, after all. And given that we have our own Suspension Team (led by the King of Suspension, Mike McAndrews), we had them working hand-in-hand with the frame engineers on the bike design from day one. Because of this union, we're now able to rely more on the frame kinematics and less on the shock damper to perfect the Stumpjumper's ride quality. The end result? The Stumpjumper is supple over small bumps, yet it possesses a firm mid-stroke and exceptional bottom-out support. This is the suspension that makes the Ultimate Trail Bike.

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Turbo E-Bikes

Whether you ride: Road, Mountain, Commuter or Casual...Specialized Turbo E-bikes are still "You, Only Faster". When Specialized started developing there first electric bike, they knew it had to incorporate everything they’d learned since 1974. It had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something they’d really love to ride themselves. they wanted you to feel like you were on a "regular" bike, but somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Whether you ride Mountain, Road, Casual or Commute Specialized has a Turbo for you! 

Taking a motor and battery off the shelf would be easy, but Specialized did not compromise. Instead, they developed  tech in e-bike-obsessed Switzerland and tuned the ride at their Morgan Hill, California headquarters. They carve their own path to deliver e-bikes that ride like they’re truly you, only faster.

The Specialized e-Bike Technology System delivers smooth, powerful, and silent pedal-assistance, maximum range, and superior connectivity solutions, with every aspect of the system working in harmony with the bike. And while it’s not an easy route to go, real innovation rarely is.

Specialized motors are incredibly smooth, powerful, and quiet. They amplify your input and disengage when you’re over top speed or in off-mode to create a ride free of unnatural resistance. Our Mission Control App also lets you fully customize motor characteristics to your personal preferences.

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The Specialized Enduro

"Fast as (you know what)...The all-new Enduro. The new Enduro climbs quickly, yet mobs down the nastiest descents at what should be terrifying speeds…with utter calm. It’s a radically new beast, sporting a Demo-inspired chassis, more travel, and geometry that keeps you in control when you bite off more than you can chew. Hell, it even looks fast in a library. 

Back when people still thought 29-inch wheels only made long-travel bikes worthless, the original Enduro 29 proved conventional wisdom dead wrong with its dialed geometry. The new Enduro’s slacker head angle, longer reach, and steeper seat tube make it even quicker and more capable.

They didn’t set out to make the stiffest bike possible—that bike would be a tooth-rattling nightmare. The Enduro’s balanced stiffness helps the front-end steer precisely and keeps the rear-end tracking like it’s on rails through the roughest terrain.

The new Enduro boasts smooth and controlled suspension, start to finish. The progressive leverage curve makes the Enduro supple over small rocks and roots and prevents it from bottoming-out on big hits.

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The Specialized Epic Hardtail

"Think Fastest"...With more World Championships, Olympic medals, and national titles to its credit than we can count, the Epic sits atop the XC racing throne. And with good reason. The bike’s modern geometry boosts your control on technical courses, while its ultralight chassis pairs perfectly with the Brain-equipped suspension. Hardtail firm for the sprints and climbs. Plush when the trail gets ugly. Epic for the win.

The Epic has rocketed more racers to the podium than any bike in its class. Racing between the tape, however, isn’t the only way to worship at the altar of speed. Long, fast rides, marathon events over technical terrain—these are the Epic EVO’s domain. If your version of cross country includes plenty of rocks, roots, and hang-on-for-dear-life moments, the Epic EVO has you covered.

The lightest production hardtail on earth is also now the most capable and comfortable racing machine ever created. Behold the game-changer—the Epic Hardtail. We refined every inch of this bike to create the world’s lightest, fastest, and most forgiving race machine, because you’re not reaching the podium if you’re getting pummeled by the trail.

The Specialized Sirrus

"Real Fit. Real Fast." The Specialized Sirrus...You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. We get it—life moves pretty fast, so it's a good thing we made the Sirrus to help you with all of it. Wherever you're heading, Sirrus will take you there.

The Future Shock (available on select models) helps make the Sirrus smoother, faster, all-around more comfortable. We shouldn’t need an advanced degree to know how the Future Shock works—you just need one ride. It's a little piston inside the head tube that soaks up whatever bumps or rough stuff you might ride over with 20mm of suspension travel.

It's the perfect commuter! This thing is built to get you where you're going. It has room for up to 35mm tires for added comfort and control, plus it's ready for a rear rack to lug your stuff and our Plug + Play fenders to keep you dry when it's wet out. Wherever you need to go, Sirrus will get you there.