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Benno Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes)


To many designers in the e-bike industry, the art of making simple casual e-bikes looks boring and is hardly worth their time. To me, it’s a challenge to inspire people to use their electric bikes more often and incorporate cycling into their everyday life. It’s not about how far and fast you ride or how many calories you burn.  It’s about creating a more efficient and fun way to explore your town. I am just a simple guy that likes to ride his e-bike for fun and easy transportation. My objections and problems are the same as yours and if I can design an electric bicycle that inspires me to ride, I’m pretty sure you’ll like to ride it, too. For me, the art is finding the perfect balance of comfort, style, performance, quality and price.

Benno Accessories

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eJoy 9D - Benno Electric Bikes

I’ll admit, while designing the eJoy I was really inspired by the lines of vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars. The eJoy combines the timeless language of vehicle design of the past with modern technology...

boost e 10D, electric bicycles, benno, e-bikes

Boost E 10D - Benno Electric Bikes

The Boost E is many bikes in one, combining brilliant capability with surprising maneuverability. It’s compatible with a wide range of accessories and can handle more than twice the load of a typical bike...

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Benno Bikes Electric Bicycles