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What's going on??!! Where are all of the bikes?

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*** We CAN NOT Guarantee Delivery Prior to Christmas ***


If you are shopping for a new bike you have most likely experienced difficulty finding a great selection. Bicycle buyers around the world are experiencing the same level of frustration. The current pandemic has had a great effect on our industries supply chain and they are struggling to keep up with increased demand. Not all categories have been effected the same way, for instance if you are in the market for Electric bikes, Comfort Bike, or premium Road bikes we are looking pretty good. On the other hand certain models of Specialized bikes have been sold out for quite some time. Sold out hard to find models include; most mountain bikes, certain kids bikes, and beach cruisers.  

**  Updated Stats 11/22  **

 We have filled 46.9% of all off our Pre-orders thus far, most filled within 90-days

Only 3.5% of our active pre-orders have waited longer than 90-days

Bikes are arriving daily with heavy loads anticipated late November/Early December

** As of 10/25/20 are no longer taking Pre-orders on the following Bikes **

- Levo Expert and S-works

- ALL Rockhopper Models

- Fuse Models

- Pitch 

- Fatboy 

- Epic including Epic Ht's and Epic Evo's

- Chisel

The above bikes are sold out completely, discontinued, or sold out into Q1 of 2021, if you currently have one of these bikes in pre-order status you are still good to go, just future orders are not possible. 

When are more bikes coming in?

Currently Global Bikes has literally 1000's of bikes on order with our vendors. When our vendors, such as Specialized, receive a new load of bikes they allocate the bikes to dealers with the oldest pending backorders, and we have a ton of those :)  Additionally when vendors such as Specialized allocate their bikes special consideration is given to their top tier dealers, which Global Bikes happens to be! Global Bikes is not only a tier #1 retailer we are also one of the top Specialized dealers in the country. With that said Global Bikes is in a very good position to continue to receive models as they become available. Bikes arrive daily, however most don't hit open inventory as they have been already sold via a pre-order.

How do I get my name on one of those bikes?

It's simple! You need to place a pre-order. A pre-order will get you in line and with our awesome riding weather just around the corner the timing is perfect!  If you are not sure which bike is right for you our team is ready to assist! Our locations are open normal business hours so swing on by and we'll go over all of the options with you. 

How do I place a pre-order?

1)  Select Bike - (Pro tip...Provide an alternate color) 

2)  Place a 50% Deposit - Pre-orders may be done in-store or by phone  Locations and hours

3)  Sit back knowing that you have a solid spot in line! 

How long will it take to get my bike?

Well that's a hard one! I don't know. We have, for the most part, every possible hot SKU on order already so if you place an order soon you'll basically be placing claim to a bike we ordered back in May. A pre-order 100% secures your spot in line, first come first serve. However if you are looking for a firm timeline wrap your head around 90-days and you should be be in good shape.  

What is the fine print to a pre-order?

1)  All pre-orders require a 50% deposit (if you would like to pay 100% that is fine too)

2) All Deposits are 100% refundable at anytime granted you want to give up your place in line.

3) Once your bike is received and you have a chance to test it out you have 7-days to return it for a full refund. 

4) Pre-order deposits may not be financed.    

How do I find out more information about the bike I have on pre-order?

Email us at While we don't have a crystal ball and may not be able to tell you exactly when your bike will arrive we will be able to tell you your place in line for your particular SKU. Please note that emailing us at will be your best bet, Store Managers and Sales Associates do not have access to queue info based on SKU.