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Scott Bikes Mountain Road Cyclocross Electric and Kids

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At SCOTT, cycling is their passion and that’s why they spend so much effort and energy to produce some of the best bikes in the world. Mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes and even trekking bikes. They cover pretty much everything you can dream of about cycling. And as they like to see everyone happy, their line-up contains models for men, women, teenagers and kids. Just pick your riding discipline and find the perfect equipment to ride with.

Scott Bicycles Electric Bikes Mountain and Commuter

Choose Your Type of Electric Bike

If you are looking for all the advantage of cycling but with a little extra assistance, Scott electric bikes are made for you. Scott's bike range extends from electric mountain bikes, trekking e-bikes, hybrid electric bikes to urban electric bikes. There are models for men, women and even kids. You will definitely find the perfect bike for your needs. Time to go further and easier.

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Scott Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are your ticket to off-road bliss. Racing, climbing, descending and everything in between, Scott mountain bikes are ready for anything the trail can serve up.

Scott Road Bikes

Scott Road bikes feature featherweight climbers, lightning fast aerodynamic machines and comfort focused KM seeking rides. Wherever your road leads you, Scott has a bike for the job.

Scott Gravel Bikes

Scott's Addict Gravel Bike is most likely the fastest, most capable, and most fun bicycle they have ever created. Just leave the daily routine behind and see where the, gravel will take you!

Scott Hybrid & Urban Bikes

Headed to work or a weekend adventure? Ditch the car, it's time to ride with Scott's hybrid / urban bikes, ready for commuting or touring, you choose!

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Scott Bike's History

Story of Innovation

1958: Ed Scott, out of Sun Valley, ID, invented the first tapered aluminum poles to replace bamboo and steel poles, used in the time.  This quickly put Scott on the map as huge innovators of the ski industry.

1970:  Scott entered the Motocross market with a moto specific goggle.   Later, Scott would make boots and grips for dirt bikes.

1989:  Charley French created the first ever aerodynamic handlebar that a would go on to win Greg LeMond the Tour de France that year

1991: Scott produces its first front suspension, called the "Unishock".

1992: The Endorphin is the first production carbon mountain bike - that was used in the World Championships and the Olympics that year.

1998: The Genius is introduced as the first Scott full-suspension bike.  This was the start of having three suspension adjustments for open, traction control, and full lock-out.

2007: The iconic Addict is produced at a super light weight: 790 gram frame.  You will still see these around! This bike has a long history as Mark Cavendish "The Missile from Man". used it on many occasions to win sprint finishes.

2010:  Twin-Loc lever was introduced - as a single handlebar lever to control front and rear suspension, allowing riders to keep their hands on the handlebars while controlling suspension.

Presently:  Destroying it!

More on Scott Bikes...

Scott Sports is a Swiss company that was founded in 1958 by Ed Scott, an American engineer and inventor. Scott is known for producing high-quality, innovative sports equipment, including bicycles, ski equipment, and running gear. The company has a long history of producing cutting-edge bicycles and has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the cycling industry.

Scott's first foray into the world of cycling was in the 1970s with the production of motocross bikes. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that Scott began to focus on producing high-quality mountain bikes. In 1986, Scott introduced the Scott Super Evolution, a full-suspension mountain bike that was one of the first of its kind. This bike was a major success and helped establish Scott as a leading manufacturer of mountain bikes.

In the 1990s, Scott continued to innovate in the mountain bike market with the introduction of the Scott Pro Racing Team. This team was composed of some of the top mountain bike riders in the world and helped to further establish Scott as a leader in the industry. In 1992, Scott also introduced the Scott Genius, a full-suspension mountain bike that was designed for both cross-country and downhill riding. This bike was well received by riders and helped to cement Scott's reputation as a top mountain bike brand.

In the 2000s, Scott expanded its product line to include road bikes, triathlon bikes, and cyclocross bikes. The company also introduced the Scott CR1, a high-performance road bike that was designed for racing. This bike was well received by riders and helped to solidify Scott's position as a leading manufacturer of road bikes.

In recent years, Scott has continued to push the boundaries of cycling technology with the introduction of its e-bike line. Scott's e-bikes are designed to provide riders with a high-performance, electric-assisted cycling experience. The company has also continued to produce high-quality mountain bikes and road bikes, with a focus on using advanced materials and construction techniques to create lightweight, durable, and efficient bikes.

In summary, Scott Sports has a long history of producing innovative and high-quality sports equipment, with a particular focus on cycling. From its beginnings as a motocross bike manufacturer to its current position as a leading producer of mountain, road, and e-bikes, Scott has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements in the cycling industry.