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Electric Bikes

Populo Bikes Sport Electric Bicycle
Bolt to work or play on today’s modern, lightweight, and eco-friendly Populo Sport Electric bike. This new gateway electric bike will get you to work or a social gathering, without the sweaty mess of a traditional bike. Let the 250 watt motor effortlessly energize your day with speeds up to 20 MPH, and a range of 30 miles or more! Your choice of 8 electric assist levels will give you just the right amount of effort you desire. Forgot to charge your phone or light? Well, no problem; both the Smart LED screen and the 36 volt Panasonic battery come equipped with USB charging ports to plug and play! With all these features combined you are ready to take on the city with style and confidence!
Populo Bikes Curve Folding Electric Bike
$1,299.00 $1,499.00 13% Savings
The Populo Curve is a compact, portable, and powerful folding ebike. While most folding bikes are small and easy to store, this one gets you to your destination without breaking a sweat. The three-speed hub will let you climb hills in the right gear. And thanks to the new grip throttle, you won’t even have to pedal if you don’t want to. Gone will be the days of showing up with sweat stains under your armpits. We designed this folding ebike to be comfortable and practical. We chose a soft, ergonomic saddle with gel padding. The rear rack comes with straps to carry your backpack or briefcase. And we even added a front suspension to soften those less than perfect city roads. And if you’ve ever been turned away from getting on a bus or train when riding a full-sized bike, you’ll know how useful it is to have a folding ebike that is accepted on most forms of public transportation. One-size-fits All - Short or tall, this bike fits anyone of almost any size Environmentally Friendly - Whether you pedal or use the electric motor, you won't be making an impact with this pollution-free transportation California Class II Electric Bicycle - This means the Populo Curve has a convenient twist-throttle and pedal-assist as well
Populo Bikes Lift V2 Electric Bicycle
The Populo Lift V2 brings an attractive new swooping design that adds style to its comfortable ride. This step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount, ideal for those that have difficulty getting on and off traditional style frames. It is the perfect recreational bike for your weekend rides or getting groceries during the weekdays. Top-Quality Battery Cells For Longer Rides - Whether you're just going around the corner or you want to ride down the boardwalk during those sunny days, the Populo Lift V2 comes with high-quality Samsung batteries and 9-levels of assistance. With this, you'll be able to ride at least 30 miles* on every charge. (*Range may vary according to rider weight and terrain) Enjoy Either Pedal-assist or Throttle Modes - Squeeze the throttle to enjoy the 250-watt electric motor without pedaling, or let the bike do only half the work to get you over any hill with the pedal-assist mode. Stop With Confidence - The disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in any weather conditions, and its rear rack opens a ton of possibilities for items to carry. The Lift will be your go-to bike when you want to enjoy your ride in complete comfort.
Populo Bikes Scout Electric Bicycle
$1,699.00 $2,199.00 23% Savings
Shake things up with this oversized bike that is ready to rumble. With thicker tires, disc brakes, and a mid-drive motor, you can ride any terrain no matter how rough. Power up hills, dirt, or grass without breaking a sweat. Its torque sensing controller gives you immediate help when pedaling and provides the necessary torque to push you up and over any incline. When it comes to slowing down the Populo Scout, we have you covered with a pair of Shimano's hydraulic Disc brakes. The front shock and big tire combination, mean you have a comfortable ride and a ton of traction when you need it. Explore new roads with the Populo Scout!
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