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Aventon Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes)

A lady riding an Aventon Electric Bike

Aventon E-bikes

Aventon electric bicycles change the game. They bring comfort into the fold while ensuring substantial electric motor power that gives the rider a range far greater than many other brands. On average, Aventon's electric bikes have a battery range of 45 miles. That kind of range coupled with fat tires, upright positioning and comfortable saddles make Aventon ebikes approachable for so many! Be sure to check Aventon electric bikes out at your favorite Mesa bike shop, Global Bikes. 

Aventon E-bikes, Adventure model


The Adventure is Aventon's flagship performance and comfort model. It has an average of 45 miles battery range, fat tires and a comfort saddle. The design is intended to make riding enjoyable by being comfortable! And for those looking for performance, note all Aventon's models of electric bicycles have both pedal assist, and a throttle to use depending on the rider's motivation!

Aventon E-bikes, Adventure step-through model

Adventure Step-Through

The Adventure Step-Through boasts all the same performance and comfort at the standard/conventional model, but with the ease of getting on and off the bike optimized for ease. 

Aventon Pace 500

Pace 500

The conventional Pace 500 is a do-it-all go anywhere electric bicycle. With 45 miles of average range, comfort saddle and an upright position, it can replace your car for those neighborhood errands. Take a look at both the conventional and the step-through models. 

Aventon E-bikes, Pace 500 Step-Through

Pace 500 Step-Through

If you don't like the drag of straddling a conventional bike, look into all the Aventon's step-through models. The Pace 500 Step-Through delivers range, comfort and ease of use all in one delux package. 

PACE 350 Step-Through Ebike

The PACE 350 is Aventon's successful economy model, boasting a 30-mile range, the 350 is an ideal do it all electric bicycle set at a lower price. Enjoy your ride and maximize the utility inherent with the PACE 350 

Aventon Electric Bikes Level Commuter

Level Commuter Ebike

45 miles of range to get you to and from the job or the store with ease and comfort, the Level Commuter Ebike makes it possible to leave the car at home and enjoy the ride to work, the gym, the store or wherever you need to go!

Aventon Electric Bikes Level Step Through model

Level Step-Through Commuter Ebike

Take your commute to the next level of comfort without sacrificing anything! The Level Step-through is everything the normal Level is, but with easier mounting and dismounting via the step-through frame. 

Aventon Electric Bikes Sinch model. A folding bicycle.

SINCH Foldable Ebike

The Sinch is just that... a cinch! A foldable ebike, it's ready for any on the go situation as it easily stows in a car or even a light airplane, so the limits are up to you. With a40 mile range this foldable electric bike can get you from the airport to the hotel, or home with ease and comfort.