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Electric Bike Stories & Testimonials

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What does your E-bike mean to you?  
We recently reached out to a few of our fellow electric bike riders and this is what they had to say! 

Anthony M.

The beginning stages of a (worn out) knee replacement has made it difficult to ride for a long distance. Thanks to my E-Bike I'm able to ride all day again

Jerry H.

1. I ride on days I might normally not ride, such as windy days or days I might not be feeling quite up to snuff.
2. I love to bike tour and I am not a “weight weenie” so an EBike helps me continue to tour (I am 70)
3. Most EBike owners still want to get exercise.....just in a more enjoyable way.

Paul B.

Six years ago I had a severe motorcycle accident resulted in my right tibia being replaced by a Tibia Nail all my life I have had some form of bike or scooter after my accident I feared it came to an end I tried riding and commuting on a normal MTB but pain and strain was unbearable I decided to sell my MTB and purchase an ebike with the help from my employer I purchased a Cube EBIKE and a year on and it's improved my mobility tremendously without my ebike the future was looking Grim I use it every day and commuting to work got easier wouldn't be without it.

Josh Y.

For the last 6 years I've commuted to work by ebike. I've put over 50,000 miles on mine. I now only fill my car gas tank every 5 to 6 weeks. Has saved me thousands of dollars and I'm sure has kept many tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Jay B.

I got my first emtb in 2015 and loved it so much I set up the "ebike smile eMTB community" Facebook group which has taken over my life as much as actually riding my eMTB! ?? i'm getting fitter and healthier every single year! I would never have been able to do this on a manual MTB! ??

Miles C.

On my ebike, I enjoy riding more. Where I used to ride for an hour every day, I now find that I can ride for 1.5 hours a day, and sometimes I go on longer trips closer to 2 hours. The ebike lets me get more exercise because it enables me to ride for a longer time, and I’ve definitely noticed that my legs are significantly stronger than before. It’s also an excellent way to channel my creativity, because I’m always looking for that next upgrade.

David E.

It's knocked over 30 years off of my capability.

Bill B.

I bought an ebike over a year ago because of multiple hip and knee surgeries. Recently retired and wanted to have fun along with some exercise. This is my second ebike, since I needed something to try the trails out in Colorado. Too much fun!!!

Jason C.

I hardly drive my car anymore. Commute is much less stressful.

Fran F.

I thought I was aging-out of bicycling at 65 (everyone's body is different & my 65-year-old body wasn't doing well on 2 wheels). Spent a few years bemoaning it and really missing so many special places that you can only get to on bicycle (or long long walks) Got my first ebike in 2015 and my health started to improve...but the biggest part of it all was the improvement in mental health and being able to exercise the "right amount" to improve my physical condition without overexerting and causing injury or setback.

Tom P.

They provide Independence for an aging population. They provide an inexpensive form of transportation, which can change lives.

Kim T. 

I have brought many new friends into this riding experience and we all have enjoyed many times and laughs together.

John T.

I have occasional knee pain. When it starts to hurt, I can crank up the power, taking the stress off. Sometimes, after pedaling a while, the pain eases up, and I can dial the power back and work harder. Ebikes keep me rolling when I’d otherwise be driving or sitting on a couch.


I’m 65, multiple orthopedic surgeries (knees, spine, hands) and have ridden 5,000 miles in my first 3 years of  ebike ownership. I commute, shop, and adventure by bike, so far lycra free, since I feel my ebike is part of a “normal” lifestyle. It’s also made me more aware & involved in my community. Clothing for year-round ebiking is a challenge that I do overcome by layering and having a trunk bag with cargo bungee net to carry stuff, even a spare battery since I forever lust for longer rides.

Barry O.

"Kudos to James at Global Bikes and his customer Jeromy. Let me explain why; Jeromy recently purchased a Specialized Turbo Levo mountain bike at Global and was kind enough to let me try it out on one of Global's MTB group rides at South Mountain. James pointed out several of the features of the bike which made my whole experience that much more enjoyable. And to be totally transparent, despite being a post-boomer, I swore there was no way I was going electric, just like I swore that I would always ride a rigid bike, until I went for front suspension, and maintained I would never give up my hard-tail for full suspension, which ultimately I did, with no regrets. So, some advice to first Ebike ride was a Hoot! First, the reason I like to ride with Global is for the camaraderie. Having said that over the last 2 or three years, I have really slowed down and found myself bringing up the rear of rides, essentially missing out on much of the group banter. That is until yesterday on the Specialized Turbo Levo. When I wanted to, using mostly minimal pedal assistance, I was right on the wheels of the rider in front of me. I caught a lot, lot, of good natured razing from the group about my now found "youth". There were several sections on the Desert Classic, that in the past I just couldn't climb, but now with some battery powered assistance I was able to clear. But it was not like it was a piece of cake. I still had to work hard in sections and got a great work out.  I came home really pleased with the whole Ebike experience. I highly recommend to all other mountain biker's who have been thinking about purchasing one to give it a try like I did. ONE ride, just ONE ride was all it took to get me to "see the light"

Julien W.

I'm a pedicab operator since 1996. I now have an impingement on my right hip. My right leg has about 1/3 of strength compare to my left one. Doctor's orders 5 years ago were to find another job. I still peddle thanks to electric motor assist and I am managing my pain quite successfully.

Rafe H.

Sold my car love of my ebike. As fast as a car no tax no license no gas no cost. As fast as a car in urban traffic 

Mario S.

I was obese at over 320 lbs. My knees where bad and my back. I bought my first ebike 6 months ago. I weigh 231 lbs. now; my knees have serious muscle supporting the joints and no pain in the back. In 6 months. Oh, and I quit smoking after 30 years of a pack a day! I’m buying my second ebike now.

Niko F.

My Haibike saved my life.

Dennis H.

Oh heck! my rad rover gets me out on the trails! sold my victory! able to do things i can’t on a non-electric bike! helps me stay fit, loose some fat etc. ! sure hope these don’t lose their attraction ! love mine to death !

Phill W. 

I'm in my 30's, athletic, no major health issues. I simply wanted to save money so I sold my car and started commuting 10 miles each way to work which turned out to be more strenuous at the end of the day than I expected. I started with a mountain bike, then switched to a road bike which helped but was still taking too long to work and I was still tired from the hills. The cost of an E-Bike was my initially concern.... until I tried one and it changed my mind. A friend of mine happened to be selling his and I happily bought it for a good price. It helped me get to work even faster and I still felt fresh not exhausted. Some people will be able to see it not as an expensive bicycle but as an affordable alternative to a car. Yes, there was an initial investment but it quickly paid for itself by not needing to pay for car loan $200, insurance $150, gas $20, oil changes $30, etc. Go further, save money, still get a workout. Only bad part is when the battery dies and can’t make it home then it gets tough to pedal since they're so heavy. I love E-bikes now but it might take some people getting on one to experience one to open their eyes.

Dan Y.

I love my ebike, it changed my life for the better

Chris P.

I am almost 60 years old
With my ebike i can ride to and from work instead of car.
I arrive with a mild sweat up from some peddling.
It is summer 25 to 35 c temps.
I do not stink out my work colleges
Gradually getting fitter
Much happier

Shelly C.

Had an injury year ago, and just couldn’t ride without discomfort. I couldn’t get over the initial break in period to build muscle because my low back would be screaming mad. Now I can. You can’t push thru a screaming back, but on an ebike, you don’t have to get to the point of a screaming back. You have as much assistance as you need on any given day, and that specific stable movement on a bike helps build muscle. You are out there exercising and you start feeling youthful. Before I knew it, my hips were aligning better and my back felt better. My back was stabling up with better tone. I was even sleeping more comfortably with my back. Ride length slowly increased until a 4-hour ride was possible. I couldn’t believe it!!
Love my ebike!!!!!!

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