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Four kids standing with their kids bikes in a warehouse area

Cleary Bikes, the ultimate kid's bikes

Cleary bikes offers up 6 distinct, durable models of bicycles built specifically for kids. The more advanced, larger bikes come with internal gearing and disk brakes, while their smaller bikes are equipped with single-speed gearing to keep pedaling simple! No matter your child's size, Cleary's kids bikes come in sizes ranging from 12 to 26 inches so you know there's a Clear bicycle that was made just for your special little person. 

The Meerkat is a 24 inch kids bike

Meerkat 24

The Meerkat 24 inch kids bicycle is ideally suited to riders 49" to 59" tall. Equipped with a lightweight frame, 24 inch wheels, disc brakes and a 5 speed internal drivetrain, The Meerkat will take your little rider where they want to go!

Side view of the Owl bicycle, a single speed Cleary kids bike.

The Owl Single Speed

The Owl is a 20" wheeled simple to pedal single-speed kids bicycle ideal for riders 45"-54" inches tall. 

Side view of the Hedgehog model, a 16 inch kids bike.


The Hedgehog is a 16 inch wheeled single-speed with gearing and a weight of only 16 pounds, your preschooler will be able to pedal and pedal. The Hedgehog is ideal for riders 41"-48" in height.

side view of a Gecko model Cleary bike, a 12 inch kids bike


The Gecko is Cleary Bikes smallest sized bicycle, with 12" wheels, hand-brakes, and a freewheel or a coaster brake (for riders learning to use nad brakes), the Cleary Bikes Gecko is ideal for riders 36"-39" in height. 

Side view of the Meerkat 26 inch kids bike.

Meerkat 26

Cleary Bikes Meerkat comes with a wealth of features to make for a dynamic ride. Equipped with 26" wheels, this model is ideal for riders 56" tall or taller. The Meerkat comes with a 5 speed internal-gearing hub making shifting easy and consistent. 

a side view of the super capable Scout kids bicycle

Scout 26

The 26" Scout by Cleary Bikes comes with an external 10-speed drivetrain, disc brakes and front suspension. The Scout 26 is ideally suited for experienced cyclists of 56" in height or more. 

What Size is Right For My Child? 

Cleary provides the following sizing chart for reference when selecting one of their 6 models of kids bicycles. And when your child is in-between sizes, be sure to reference how fast your child is growing, and perhaps size-up to allow for more time on the bicycle. And if you're uncertain, hit up your Cleary bike dealer - Global Bikes - and we can help answer this and any other question!

A chart that shows kids sizes compared to their ages.