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Road Bike Guide

From Fitness to First Place

Whatever your motivation is to ride, there’s a bike tailored to your needs and a community of riders that share your interests. Explore your local roads or plan a cycling trip through scenic locales. Pin on a number and line up for a race or simply escape the hectic demands of daily life. All you need is the right road bike.

Performance Bikes

If sleek and fast is your style, a race-oriented road bike will keep you in a low, powerful position, out of the wind and ahead of the pack. Women's road bikes are uniquely designed for your geometry to give you maximum efficiency and power.

Triathlon Bikes

Similar to traditional road bikes, triathlon bikes boast a more aerodynamic design with more rigid construction qualities and are built to cut through the air providing a stiffer ride and in turn producing faster times. Typically used for training purposes and more race related experience seeking riders.

Touring Bikes

Long distances mean long hours in the saddle, so you’ll want something slightly more relaxed to keep you comfortably pedaling. Touring bikes are built to handle everything from smooth pavement to dusty trails and any other terrain adventure throws at you.

Gravel Bikes

Do you have a penchant for exploring roads less-traveled? Follow your heart down dirt and gravel roads with a road bike designed for longer rides. Gravel bikes generally accept wider tires for improved traction and comfort on less-than-pristine surfaces.

For fitness or freedom, a road bike is your new best friend

Start Riding Now

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