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Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes) Questions & Facts

The act of getting around town should be as much of an experience as your final destination, and there's no better way to do it than with Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes). They have comfortable geometries, assisting in going farther and faster than ever before...

Electric Bicycles (E-Bikes) Are Better

Are Electric Bikes Really Better?

Surprisingly, on average the car's speed around town is 18 mph, while Electric Bikes average is respectably 15 mph. What's more is that a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder proved that regular E-Bikes has health benefits. An Electric Bike can still give you a work out, even though they have pedal assist.

The last thing that makes Electric Bikes better is how they have the ability to haul a load without you breaking a sweat.

E-Bikes Are Worth The Cost

Are E-Bikes Worth The Cost?

Electric Bicycles have been around for over 20 years & within that time cost has gone down. Today, you can buy an electric bike for less then $1,000. Global Bikes has just the bike, the "Populo Sport" which is under $1,000.

Lets get real technical, the cost of maintaining and Fueling up for an E-Bikes is far less then a car. The average annual cost to maintaining & operating a car is around $9,000. The average annual cost to maintain & operate an E-Bike is around $400. Then there is the cost to fill-up your tank ($33.60 for 12-gallons at $2.85/gallon) compared to the cost to charge your bike ($0.50 for 480 watt/hr battery at $0.10/kwh)

Technology of Electric Bikes

What is The Electric Bicycle Technology Like?

Electric Bikes claim to do anywhere from 10-80 miles per charge which is nothing compared to a full tank of gas, but fortunately the technology involved in E-Bikes is where the magic happens. Electric Bicycle batteries are phenomenal when it comes to convenience because if you can find an outlet, you can charge your battery. Let's say you are biking to work, by the time you get off work (5-8 hours) you have a fully charged battery.

"E-Bikes Are Bikes That Allow You To Pedal Just Like A Regular Bicycle, Only You Go Faster"

- Global Bikes

"E-Bikes Can Generally Cover 20 To 50 Miles on A Single Battery Charge"

- NY Times

"Avoiding Just 10 Miles of Driving Every Week Would Eliminate About 500 lbs. of CO2 Emissions Each Year."

- BikeWalkTwinCities.Com

"In Terms of Fuel Economy, The E-Bike's Energy Consumption is Equivalent To 1,000 mpg"

- ElectricBicycleHere.Com

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