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10am - 7pm  Monday - Friday

10 - 6pm Saturdays

11am - 4pm Sundays 

 *Mesa location closed on Sundays

From Flat Repairs to Custom Bike Builds we do it All! 

Walk-ins Welcome, no appointment necessary!

Free repair consultations and no pressure quote 

As independent shops our service rates are more affordable than factory owned shops!

Most flats fixed while you wait!

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Suspension Services

Electric bike repair, bicycle repair, arizona, fix, mesa, chandler, ahwatukee, gilbert, repair shop

Electric bike repair, bicycle repair, arizona, fix, mesa, chandler, ahwatukee, gilbert, repair shop

Electric bike repair, bicycle repair, arizona, fix, mesa, chandler, ahwatukee, gilbert, repair shop

 Electric bike repair, bicycle repair, arizona, fix, mesa, chandler, ahwatukee, gilbert, repair shop

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get a bike fixed? 

At Global Bikes we work on repairs in the order they come in. While most repairs are completed within 1-3 business days, please bear in mind that during beautiful weather, our repair queue may be a bit longer. But don't worry, we'll get your wheels spinning again in no time!


How long does it take to fix a flat (replace a tube)?  

We're like lightning when it comes to flat repairs! In most cases, we can fix them on the spot. However, some E-bikes might need to be booked into our repair queue. If we're extremely busy, we might need to hold onto your bike for a little while to ensure we give it the attention it deserves. 

How much will it cost to get my bike fixed?

When you bring in your bike, we'll start with a free, no-obligation estimate. Our bike technicians will carefully explain the necessary work and respect your choices and budget. Feel free to call ahead for a ballpark estimate if you're coming from a distance. We'll do our best to ensure our service or repair fits within your budget. 

Can I make an appointment to drop off my bike?

We typically work on a first come, first serve basis and don't make appointments. However, if you have a unique situation or specific timing needs, give us a ring, and we'll try our best to accommodate you. We're here to help, especially if your bike is your only mode of transportation or you're passing through town. 

Do I need to set an appointment to drop off my bike?

Nope, just roll your bike through our front door anytime! Walk-ins are always welcome. If you need assistance unloading your bike, let us know, and we'll lend a hand. And when your bike is ready, we can load it up for you too, if you'd like.

What type of bikes do you work on?

We're a versatile bunch! From vintage beauties that haven't seen daylight in decades to the latest pro-level rides, we've got you covered. Feel free to wheel in anything you've got; we'll be able to help! (Unfortunately, gas-powered bikes are not our specialty.)

Do you work on E-Bikes?

Absolutely! We're experienced with electric bike brands that we sell and can source parts for. Our relationships extend to popular manufacturers such as Trek, Giant, Diamondback, Liv, Momentum, Pivot, Raleigh,  Bulls, Gazelle, Aventon,, Super73, and Serfas. Your E-bike is in good hands with us!

I Have your Service For Life.  What Does That Include?

Here's what our unlimited service for life policy includes: 

  • Brake inspection and adjustments
  • Derailleur inspection and adjustments
  • Headset and bottom bracket inspection and adjustments
  • Wheel hub adjustments
  • Frame wipe down
  • Spot true wheels
  • Tire inspection and inflation
  • Chain inspection and lube 
  • Confirmation of completion with test ride

Non-mechanical benefits/expanded offerings for E-bike buyers:

  • Free updates and diagnostics during the duration of 2 Years
  • Outside the manufacturer's warranty we discount diagnostic and update labor by 50% with the purchase of our SFL plan.

 Phone Numbers

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"Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, have a broken spoke replaced or are in need of a complete overhaul Global Bikes can make your bicycle run and look even better than new! We're bike repair experts with the experience, knowledge, factory training and certifications to do the job right the first time, every time."

What is a Basic Tune-up


A basic bicycle tune-up is a maintenance service that is performed on a bike to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. It typically includes a thorough inspection of the bike,  lubrication of certain parts, and  adjustments to ensure that the bike is safe to ride. A basic tune-up is typically recommended once a year for regular riders and every few months for avid riders, or whenever the bike begins to feel sluggish or not shift properly.

Inspection: The mechanic will inspect the bike to identify any issues or potential problems. This includes checking the frame and fork for cracks or damage, checking the wheels for trueness and wear on the rims and tires, and inspecting the brakes and drivetrain for wear and proper function.

Lubrication: The bike's moving parts will be lubricated to reduce friction and wear. This includes lubricating the chain, cables, and derailleurs.

Adjustments: The mechanic will make minor adjustments to the bike to ensure that it is functioning properly. This may include adjusting the brakes and shifting, tightening bolts and other fasteners, and truing the wheels.

Final check: The mechanic will take the bike for a test ride to ensure that everything is working properly and make any final adjustments as needed.

A basic tune-up does not typically include more extensive repairs or replacements, such as replacing worn-out parts or fixing major damage to the frame or fork. These types of repairs may require additional service or a more comprehensive tune-up.

In summary, a basic bicycle tune-up is a maintenance service that includes an inspection, lubrication, and minor adjustments to keep a bike running smoothly and safely. It is an important part of bike maintenance and can help to extend the life of the bike and improve its performance.

* Cleaning and Drivetrain degreasing is addressed in our "Pro" Tune for an additional charge.