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Bike Trade-In Program

Trade In and Trade Up Today

Are you looking for a new bike but don't know what to do with your old one? Excellent news: we accept bike trade-ins. Clean up that older bike that's been hanging in your garage, bring it to us for a fast and easy evaluation, and get credit towards the bike of your dreams.

How It Works

Swing by any one of our Arizona Bike shop locations with your bike to begin the process.  We can not evaluate bike values over the phone or via email.  The store Manager will look you bike up using industry guidelines and we will make an offer.  

Questions and Answers:

How Much Will I Get For My  Bike?

More than what you'd get at a garage sale but less than a private party sale... We use industry available guidelines to get a rough estimate, this value will typically be 1/2 of what one could sell their bike if in perfect condition to a private party. Once we have an estimate we will evaluate the bicycle's condition and deduct the value of needed repairs prior to resale. 

Will You Offer as Much I Could Get On My Own?

Sorry, no. We recommend that if you are looking to maximize the value of your bicycle please take your chances on Offer up or Craigslist.  We are the simple and safe option that will guarantee that your bike will go to a loving new home.  

What is the Maximum Trade Value Global Bikes Can Offer for My Bicycle?

As a rule we will only take in on trade up to 25-35% of the new bike that  one is looking to purchase. 

Do you Take All Types of Bikes in on Trade?

No we do not.  As a rule we do not take E-bikes that we did not previously sell.  Additionally we do not take bikes older than 20 years old and typically shy away from specialty bikes such as; Trikes, Recumbents, and Tri Bikes.  Additionally we do not accept most brands sold by Amazon, Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, or the like. 


Dust off your old bike
and bring it to us.


Shop for a new bike while
we evaluate your trade-in.


Turn your store credit
into a new bike and go ride!

Find Your New Bike

Start exploring our bike selection online and get excited for the new possibilities that await you when you visit us with your trade-in.