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Free clinics on Trek bicycles

Our Clinics Are Back!

We are happy to announce that our clinics are back up and running!  

Topics include:

 - Bicycle Repair 101

- "I Purchased a New Bike, Now What?"

- Introduction to Electric Bikes

- New to Mountain Biking

- How to Prepare your ride (mtb & road)

...and more to come!

 Find your Clinic here!

Next upcoming events!

Check our calendar of next upcoming events at the official Global Bikes Meetup Page

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Meetup is a free service that allows riders to "meetup" and do what they love together...

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Events, weekly club leaders, as well as a great way to log all your rides...

Bicycle Riding in Arizona...

Arizona is a great state for bicycle riding, with a diverse range of landscapes and climates that offer something for every type of rider. From the rugged trails of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve to the scenic road rides of Sedona and the cooler temperatures of Flagstaff, Arizona has a lot to offer.

One of the benefits of cycling in Arizona is the year-round riding season. With mild winters and hot summers, Arizona offers the opportunity to ride throughout the year. However, it is important to be prepared for the weather and to take necessary precautions to stay safe and comfortable while riding.

One of the top destinations for cycling in Arizona is Phoenix, which has a large network of trails and roads for riders of all levels. The Phoenix Mountains Preserve is a popular destination for mountain bikers, with over 50 miles of trails ranging from easy to challenging. Road riders can take advantage of the city's extensive network of bike lanes and bike paths, which offer a convenient and safe way to explore the city.

Another popular destination for cycling in Arizona is Sedona, known for its red rock formations and stunning scenery. The Sedona area offers a variety of road and mountain biking trails, including the Sedona Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness and the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival.

Flagstaff, located in northern Arizona, is known for its cooler temperatures and is a popular destination for road riders. The city is home to the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, a network of paved trails that offer a safe and scenic way to explore the city.

In addition to the trails and roads available for cycling, Arizona also has a number of organized rides and events throughout the year. The El Tour de Tucson is a popular annual ride that attracts thousands of participants, and the Tour de Phoenix is a multi-day ride that takes riders through the scenic desert landscape.

Overall, Arizona is a great state for cycling, with a wide variety of trails and roads, a year-round riding season, and a number of organized rides and events. Whether you are a mountain biker, road rider, or just looking to get out and enjoy the scenery, Arizona has something for everyone.


By RSVP'ing to this event.. you are agreeing to the following waiver. While bicycling is an outstanding recreational sport, it also involves risk and even dangers. Some of these dangers are limited to: traveling on or crossing heavily traveled roads, steep descents, potholes, accidents, unexpected moves of another rider, physical exertion, fatigue, flat tires, and motorists. Ride terrain, pace and distance may vary from the written or verbal description. In addition to the above, mountain bike rides may involve steep descents on heavily rutted roads, trails, as well as rock and log hopping. Cactus, snakes or other wildlife may also prove to be a danger in AZ. I acknowledge that Eighty Hour Weeks, LLC (DBA Global Bikes) encourages the wearing of helmets and other safety gear and agree to hold Global Bikes and the ride leaders harmless for any injury resulting from my failure to wear a helmet or other safety gear. The undersigned acknowledges that the risks recited above, as well as numerous other dangers are inherent in recreational bicycling and the undersigned agrees to assume all risks associated with participation in club/shop activities. The undersigned further agrees to save and hold harmless Eighty Hour Weeks (DBA Global Bikes), its employees, ride leader, coordinators, members, and other riders from any and all liability for any injury or damage resulting from, or in any way connected with, participation group/shop/club activities. I warrant that I am competent to ride safely and that my bicycle and equipment are in safe working condition. I agree to obey all traffic laws and to practice safety and courtesy when cycling. I hereby consent to and permit any emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness.
In the case of children under the age of 18, I hereby agree to the terms of the above waiver on behalf of my child (children I agree that Global Bikes, its officers, activity organizers, employees, ride leaders and other members have no obligation to provide instruction to, or supervision of my children. I give Eighty Hour Weeks (DBA Global Bikes), its employees, agents and assigns, unlimited permission to use, publish and re-publish in any form of media, reproductions of my likeness, (photographs or video) with or without identification of me by name. I agree to not demand payment or any other compensation and agree to hold the above parties harmless of all liability arising from such use.